Best ibdp and myp results in Pakistan

Congratulations to our dedicated students, faculty members, parents and administration for an exceptional IB Diploma 2021 result. All of our DP candidates have successfully met their university admission requirements. Our school average (37) is 4 points higher than the world average. All students were awarded the diploma compared to a 88% award rate worldwide. One third of the batch scored 40 points and above. TNS DHA MYP cohort of 2021 (largest cohort in Pakistan) have achieved exceptional results. Our MYP student has achieved the highest score in Pakistan (54).

Our IBDP students have been accepted at the following prestigious universities and many more :




TNS Beaconhouse is the first school in Pakistan to embrace the Reggio Emilia Approach and it is the overarching philosophy that scaffolds both our project-based learning and International Baccalaureate programme.
Reggio Emilia is a city in Italy where, right after the Second World War, a refreshing new approach to learning came into being. Tired of the irrationality of the war and the devastated world it had left behind, a group of parents got together to arrange a new kind of education , far removed from the prevailing system which discouraged creativity and lateral thinking.  Read More …


Children learn best when they are left to explore and discover; allowed to ask questions and seek answers through guided inquiry. The PBL approach builds on problem-solving, communication, questioning, student interaction and most importantly their natural curiosity. It puts students at the helm of the learning process. It engages and sustains their interest and ensures a deeper understanding of a given domain. So, instead of learning a set of pre-determined and decontextualized information, students will acquire knowledge and skills that build upon their own experiences.  Read More …

ib middle

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme is a natural progression for the project-based learning practiced at TNS. It provides a framework of academic challenges for students aged 11 to 16 that encourage them to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, and guides them towards becoming critical and reflective thinkers. The IB MYP is genuinely rigorous and is externally monitored by an independent international body whose reputation for quality is recognised around the world.  Read More …

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The IB and TNS share a common ambition: to develop distinctive, high quality programmes of education to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students and to nurture inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people.

The curriculum is demonstrated by a hexagon with six academic areas surrounding the three core requirements.  Read More …


At TNS we aim to ensure that each student is given a full and equal chance to participate in the curriculum irrespective of any difficulties they may have. Where a child’s needs cannot be met within the normal scope of the school programme and curriculum, parents have the option to privately employ a caring and, where possible, experienced Special Needs Assistant (SNA) to aid with the child’s daily programme.We have a school counsellor available for students on an appointment and drop-in basis.).  Read More …


Messages from Our School Heads


At TNS, we are proud to be different. The unique and distinctive academic choice we offer speaks for our commitment to provide an innovative and challenging educational pathway for our Early Years’ students. The wonderful freedom to learn that the Reggio Emilia approach offers our Early Years’ students dovetails so nicely with Project-Based Learning (PBL) which is the cornerstone of the TNS approach – the process by which students acquire a deeper and Read More …


TNS is proud to offer not only choice but the students voice, choice and ownership of their own learning. Within the Primary school, we pride ourselves on using the Reggio Emilia Project Based Learning approach (PBL). This approach benefits the students to develop strong communication, research and leadership skills. Our PBL approach to learning within the primary school equips the students with the skills necessary to move into the International Baccalaureate (IB) Read More…



The Board of Governors of TNS provides strategic leadership to school management, ensuring that our commitment to students and parents is being met. The Board includes key individuals from Beaconhouse and TNS leadership and members of the parent body including prominent social entrepreneurs and professionals along with creative and cultural leaders.