At TNS, we believe that examinations are not the only way of measuring a child’s progress. For this reason, there is less emphasis on conventional testing throughout the Early Years and Primary levels up to Year 3.

Instead, we follow the portfolio assessment approach, which is a systematic, computerised album of growth and progress, demonstrating the student’s efforts and achievements within the framework of the curriculum. This enhances the assessment process because it reveals each student’s range of skills and allows the school to gear assessment to individual needs and goals.

However, while portfolio assessment remains the preferred method of internal assessment at TNS, especially at the Early Years and Primary levels, it is of course inevitable that students will ultimately have to appear for a public examination in order to move on to the next stage of their academic life.

We follow the e-assessments of the IB Middle Years Programme from Classes 6 to 10. All our students will appear for this assessment as an entry point into the IB Diploma.

Our ultimate goal for all our students is the IB Diploma. Equivalent to the CIE A Levels, it is increasingly the preferred entrance qualification of many universities around the world.  The IB is granted the requisite equivalence to local qualifications through the IBCC (Inter-Committee Board of Chairmen) in Pakistan, although entry into Pakistani government medical schools presents its own set of challenges.