World wildlife day was celebrated at TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg campus. Students from Year 3 Orange made a short documentary talking about endangered & instinct species in the world and how we can help in preserving these animals.

Students spoke about animals such as Pandas, tiger cubs and many other that are being hunted down for different purposes such as jewelry making, bags, shoes, furniture etc.; students recorded different messages that explained why the preservation of these animals is important and how we can save them.

It was a short video that gave a powerful message regarding animals and animal rights.

Ms. Mahnoor, Ms. Wajeeha, Ms. Saima and Ms. Zoobia recently attended a one day workshop on ‘Teaching Jolly Phonics’ arranged by PMC. The training was conducted by Ms. Coral George, who is a Jolly Learning, Phonics Internationally trained trainer and has conducted workshops all over the world. She is the founder of Jolly Centers in Spain and is also the Synthetic Phonics ambassador. The session was quite interactive, where Ms. Coral involved teachers in various activities, displayed classroom management strategies and also demonstrated the use of Jolly resources. It was a good refresher course for everyone and we were able to pick a lot of useful tips from the session.

Int. Mother Language Day was celebrated at school. Performers from Nursery up to Year 4 performed different skits that depicted different areas of Pakistan. Students dressed up in the traditional costumes such as, Balochi, Pashtoons etc & sang in their local language. Students danced to the culturally traditional beat of music of each province; Year 4 set up different cultural stalls that showcased the 4 provinces of Pakistan & the rich culture that it beholds. Each stall served a special drink of their province along with its costume, music etc.

A special thank you to Ms. Amber & Ms. Fareeha for their hard work and all parents who contributed to this event and made it a success. To wrap it up, a special “dhol wala” was invited as students along with staff members danced to the beat of the traditional dhol. Kudos TNS!

To end the winter season in a festive manner, a mini winter wonderland was set at the Gulberg campus. The piazza along with the stair case was decorated in a fancy manner; students played different games such as, ice hockey, hula-hoops, pin the Santa’s nose etc. Students sang Christmas carols & danced to the beat of music. It was a fun filled day, as students along with staff members enjoyed it completely.

A photo booth was set up in school with different props such as, trophies, bats, wickets, cricket balls and a stage to get along with the entire theme. It was a lively day where students displayed their love and passion for cricket.

In order to spread awareness about cancer, World Cancer Day was celebrated at school. Students from Year 3 made placards, along with banners that were displayed around the school.

Students emphasized on two types of cancers, breast cancer & lung cancer. A small skit on cancer was done by the students which was a clear depiction of how cancer is spreading in our environment and how we neglect ourselves.

To wrap it up, students did a small buzzer round asking questions to the audience & distributing cancer awareness ribbons amongst their audience.

A rather interesting World Radio Day was celebrated at TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg. Students from Year 2 arranged a radio show, talking about their new project.

Students set up a scene from a radio show, where 2 guest speakers from TNS were invited to talk about their in-house project and how PBL is incorporated in their daily living. Students later presented a fact sheet about the radio and how it is an important means of communication around the world.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s birthday is celebrated every year on the 25th of December. As part of the International Community, his birthday was also celebrated at the Gulberg Campus. Students from Year 3 sang the well-known song, “Azadi” from Jinnah– The movie. As part of celebration, students also infused the National Anthem with this song. It was a small & precise presentation that spoke about the life of Jinnah & his struggle for independence.

World Mountain Day was celebrated by Year 1 Orange. Students from Year 1 spoke about the different mountain ranges around the world & how each year different mountain climbers from around the world go to mountain peaks such as, K2, Alps, Mount Everest etc. students also spoke about the different techniques that are used to climb mountains & how it is a risky business to climb these mountains. Students later talked about, Samina Baig who is the 1st Pakistani to climb Mount Everest. Students made clay & chart paper mountain along with slide shows for display.

World Family Day was celebrated at TNS Beaconhouse. Students from KG Orange presented a small skit on family values, the history of the day & how is it important to protect ones family. They also spoke about different family traditions that different from region to region & staying together can always be helpful & supportive. Later students sang a song in French with Ms. Mariam called, “La-Politesse” which was mainly based on being polite to each other.

Water Polo match took place on 30th January’2015 at the Gulberg campus. The tournament started with a draw and following knock out system. The first semifinal took place between Pegasus Vs Griffin (Total time 15 minutes )

In the 1st half Griffin played well, where Farris Kayani scored 2 goals in 2 minutes and Saud scored 3rd goal in 5th minute later Shafay from Pegasus was able to score 1 goal before the end of 1st half; making score line 3 Griffin – 1 Pegasus. In 2nd Half Abdul Ghani Captain Of Pegasus team took charge and moved up from defender to a shooter by scoring 5 goals in a row on Griffin. Although Farris tried his level best to come back by scoring 3 Goals in 2nd Half but it was too late when Shafay struck 1 more goal on Pegasus. That would be a Golden Goal from Pegasus, which make score line 7 Pegasus and 6 Griffin.

2nd Semi Final:

Dragon Vs Phoenix (Total time 15 minutes)

This match started with an outstanding shoot on goal by Abdullah, who was able to take advantage of 1 goal for his team Phoenix, but in the 6th minute Ibrahim Ali, from Dragon is able to score 1 goal on Phoenix and making score line 1 all till the end of 1st half.

In 2nd half Ibrahim Ali Played brilliantly and scored 8 goals one after the other which gave, Dragon a strong position in the match to win. In last two minutes Ammar and Abdullah found 2 consolation goals which make score line 3 Phoenix – 9 Dragon

Final Match:

Pegasus Vs Dragon

Shafay scored 2 goals, Ahmed scored 1 from Pegasus, Ibrahim Ali from Dragon scored 2 goals and Shazaib scored 1 goal which made the total score 3 by the end of the 1st half.

In 2nd half Shafay played well and struck 2 goals whereas Abdul Ghani, scored 1 goal from Pegasus. In last few seconds Ibarahim Ali scored a consolation goal. Pegasus won the final by 6 goals to 4 from Dragon.

Well done Pegasus!

In solidarity with the Kashmiris, “Kashmir Day” was also celebrated at TNS Beaconhouse, Gulberg campus. Students from Year 1 made placards about the specialties of Kashmir & spoke about their food, dress, culture etc.

It was a small presentation, educating the student body about Kashmir & how this day holds importance for Pakistan as a nation.

“Mankind owes to the child the best it has to give.”


Int. Street children Day was celebrated at the Gulberg branch. Student held placards & spoke about different aged children that are seen in the street. Students mentioned how children are trafficked for different purposes & used by people for their own means.

They also mentioned different organizations such as Edhi, SOS & many more that help street children lead a better life & how we can help them in leading a better life.

An authentic assembly on Christmas was celebrated at the Gulberg campus. Students from Year 3 performed a skit on the 1st Christmas that was ever celebrated in Bethlehem. Students dressed up as Mary, Joseph, shepherds & much more. They talked about the true spirit of Christmas & how it has evolved over time. Students spoke about the Star of the East, Gabriel the angel and how the 1stChristmas tree came into being; later they all sang Christmas carols along with Mr. Barnes. Students decorated a Christmas tree that is placed in the piazza along with gift boxes wrapped in glittery sheets.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Television plays a pivotal role in our daily lives; from news to sports to entertainment each one of us has a special place for this electric box. Students from Year 4 at TNS Gulberg spoke about World Television Day & how TV has evolved around the years. Not only in sense of what we get to see but also in sense of design from being a box to a thin sheet of glass & plastic.

Students spoke about the 1st TV channel of Pakistan & how right now we have more than a 100 channels that broadcast something every other minute. Students also talked about TV producers, actors & directors that make up a big chunk of this industry.

Kindergarten Orange celebrated “World Water Day.” Students dressed up as plants, animals & other species spoke about the importance of water & how we can conserve it. Students read different poems about water & later asked questions to their audience about what they had taught them.

Students astonished the audience by educating them about basic facts such as:

  1. Human blood is 83% water.
  2. One cotton t-shirt has about 25 baths full of water embedded in it.
  3. Without water, the earth would look like the moon.

It was brief but worth listening to as students got the audience engaged completely.

The Little Master Chess tournament was organized by Laurel Bank School on Saturday 22ndNovember. TNS Beaconhouse DHA Under-13 & Under17 Chess teams participated. It was a worthy experience for them. Almost 14 schools participated in this tournament. TNS Beaconhouse scored 4th position in the Under-13 & 6th in the under17.

In the Under 13 Raymond scored the 5th position whereas, Mishael Hayat scored the 12th & Abrahim on the 16th.

The scores for Under 17 are: Abdul Moiz 16th, Khizer 25th, Ahmed Shahnawaz 26th

Macaws, toucans, iguanas & many more… it’s all about habitats!!!!

World Habitat Day which is annually observed every year on the first Monday of October throughout the world was also celebrated at TNS Beaconhouse (Gulberg campus); as part of their project, students from Year 2 spoke about animal rights & how it is important to protect animals.

Students held placards that spoke about different animals & birds that home different species around the world & how we can preserve these from extinction.

Students sang the song, “Rio” from the famous movie, “Rio” that was a depiction of global animal rights around the world. Students made handmade shelters out of recycled material that are now used as preserves for various animals & birds that are found within the school boundaries. Students reflected upon their recent visit to the Lahore Zoo which for many was a 1st time & how as young habitat preservers they can help make it a better place.

It was a small but informative session that enlightened our minds regarding animals.

یوم اقبال ۲۰۱۴

ٹی-این-ایس بیکن ہاؤس۔(گُلبرگ)

ہر سال کی طرح ٹی –این-ایس بیکن ہاؤس گُلبرگ میں یوم اقبال کی تقریب مُنعقد کی گئی۔تقریب کا باقاعدہ آغاز تلاوتِ قُرآن مجید اور نعت ِرسولؐ مقبُول سے کیا گیا۔تقریب کے آغاز میں اُردو ٹیچر امبر علی اور فریحہ عباس نے علامہ اقبال کے بارے میں مُختصر تعارف پیش کیااور علامہ اقبال کی سالگرہ کا کیک کاٹاگیا ۔جماعت اول کے دونوں سیکشنز نے علامہ اقبال کی مشہور دُعا \”لب پہ آتی ہے دُعا \”پڑھی اور حاضرین کے دل جیت لیے ،اس کے بعد جماعت دوم (بلیو)نے علامہ اقبال کے مُختلف ادوار اُن کے بچپن ،جوانی ،تعلیمی دور اور بُڑھاپے پر رول پلے کیا۔جماعت سوم اور چہارم کے درمیان علامہ اقبال کی زندگی پر ذہنی آزمائش کافائنل مُقابلہ مُنعقد کیا گیا جس کے کوالیفائنگ راؤنڈز پہلے ہی کروائے جاچُکے تھے ۔ذہنی آزمائش کے مُقابلے سے نہ صرف طلباء کی بلکہ حاضرین کی معلومات میں بھی بہت اضافہ ہُوا اور بھرپوُر مُقابلے کے بعد جماعت سوم (بلیو) کی ماہین منظور جیت کر ٹرافی کی حقدار قرار پائیں۔

تقریب کے آخر میں جماعت دوم(اوررنج) نے کلام ِ اقبال \”خُودی کو کر بُلند اتنا\”کو نہ صرف خُوبصورتی سے گایا اور اُس پر بہت خوبصُورت پرفارمنس بھی دی اور یوں اور حاضرین کے دل جیت لیے اور سب نے خوب تالیاں بجا کر بھرپُور داد دی ُ یوں یوم اقبال کی یہ رنگارنگ تقریب اپنے اختتام کو پہنچی۔

Students of Reception DHA & Gulberg visited the SOS village, Lahore. Students made cards for their friends at SOS and gave them presents; students walked through their classrooms at SOS, visited their homes & met the mother head Mrs. Almas who explained them the type of home & how a child is brought up and educated at SOS homes. It was a short trip that educated the students about their community and how it is important to help each other.

Reception Gulberg & DHA hosted an “Autumn Fest” for Nursery Gulberg & DHA. Students travelled to “Beaconhouse Farms, Bedian Rd” where Reception had done a fabulous setup for their young friends. Students gifted their fellows hand made cards, friendship bands and much more. All students had healthy home made snacks which they enjoyed.

Students from Reception had done a beautiful fall setup that depicted the arrival of winters & an extension to their project, “Celebrations”. This not only helped them in finalizing their project, but gave both campuses a chance to get to know each other as well.


Everybody clean up!!! & so it started.

To raise awareness of cleanliness, School cleanup day was celebrated at the Gulberg campus. Students from Nursery to year 4 along with their classmates & teachers swept clean the school. Students were provided with brooms, scrubbing material such as foams, gloves, buckets, mop & much more that they used to clean the school.

Students first cleaned their classroom including their cloakroom & the attached washrooms; later they moved to the designated areas such as washrooms, foyer, ground, main entrance & the parking area.

Students thoroughly enjoyed this activity as they had never done something of this sort before; this not only encouraged them to keep their rooms cleans but also inculcated a sense of responsibility; under the vigilance of their teachers & the support staff students wiped the entire school & felt positive about it.

TNS Beaconhouse said goodbye to one of its longest serving employees Ms. Lajji- the nurse.

Ms Lajji joined as a nurse, but made a special place in everyone’s hearts. A special tribute was paid to her by the students of Year 4 & 3 who were her 1st patients ever at TNS.

Mr Barnes presented her with a special farewell speech & a flower bouquet along with a tribute to her from Ms. Elishba, who made a special “Nurses Survival Kit”.

Ms. Lajji in her speech mentioned how she had joined TNS as a first aid officer, but had grown not only as a professional but as a person as well.

Good Luck forever!

TNS’s annual school play, (and our first musical!) was based on Roald Dahl’s timeless classic, ‘Matilda’.

After a twelve-week trial run staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) at Stratford-upon-Avon from November 2010 to January 2011, Matilda, adapted as a stage musical by Dennis Kelly, with music and lyrics by the extremely witty, Tim Minchin, received its West End premiere on 24 November 2011 at the Cambridge Theatre and its Broadway premiere on 11 April 2013 at the Shubert Theatre.

According to the official website: “The musical\\\’s narrative centers on Matilda, a precocious 5-year-old girl who loves reading, overcomes obstacles caused by her family and school, and helps her teacher reclaim her life.”

Here at TNS, ‘Matilda’ was about a culture of education that still exists in Pakistan, where outdated school practices set in stone, govern learning across our nation. In my training as a music teacher at TNS, I have been taught repeatedly the importance of differentiated learning and how essential it is to a well-rounded education.

Different children have different ways of approaching their learning, and different levels of abilities and it’s these differences that are at the essence of collaboration. In fact that’s exactly what happened during production; different children with different sets of skills came together for a single goal and achieved it with courage, hard work, self-belief, learning to respect each other’s quirks, being committed to a goal larger than just them, and being creative thinkers.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the guidance of our specialist teachers: Ms. Aisha Qaiser, Ms. Ayesha Azam, Ms. Nadia Ghawas and Mr. Ahmed Faizan, in charge of our wonderful sets. I saw how much time and effort they put in to this play and it was inspiring to see such a committed team. There was the very competent Ms. Sara Jafri who arranged all our props and was also an integral part of the general aesthetic of the play. Mr. Qasim Jaffer on sound, made sure everything was in order and was also a pleasant person to have around during rehearsals. Mr. Mohsin—- who swooped in at the last minute and taught our talented youngsters excellent managerial skills and critical thinking to make use of a small space (especially with about 9 set changes!); Ms. Maha Noor, who in a matter of days, taught the students of Year 5, how to construct a lighting arrangement for the play. And finally I’d like to thank all the coordinators, Mr. Muhammad Rashid, Ms. Asma Amanat, Ms. Zahra Bokhari & Ms. Maleha Barry for their endless support.

When Mrs. Ayesha Kasuri and Mr. Clive Barnes came up with the idea of staging ‘Matilda’ the musical, I was hesitant at first–however it was under their continued support and care that we were able to pull off this large, rather fabulous production.

And last but certainly not the least, we would like to thank our sponsors Häagen-Dazs for sponsoring us.

Kudos Team TNS!!!

Halloween was celebrated at the Gulberg campus, it was a student led event, where students set up their own class stalls in the piazza. The celebration featured the basic theme of Halloween followed by music & dance.

Students played different games such as, pin the nose on the witch, pumpkin carving, photo booth etc; there was a range of costumes including the usual ghost, witches, princes & many more.

A special Halloween lunch was arranged in the cafeteria where a graveyard cake, devilled eggs, spooky old lady fingers & much more. Students did a spectacular zombie walk where students walked down the red carpet of ghosts & zombies.

The piazza, staircases and main grounds were fantastically decorated with all manner of scary creatures such as ghouls, witches and cobwebbed bats, and proved to be popular spots for pictures. The students had all worked very hard and in collaboration with their Art teachers to create the perfect visuals for a Halloween celebration.

The décor was not to be missed with its many cobwebs, a sun-catcher in the shape of a pumpkin, scarecrows and paper bats.

It was a spectacularly student led event that not only encouraged the students to move ahead and do other activities but also set a great example of collaboration & team work.


World food day was celebrated at TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg.

Students from Year 1 spoke about the different issues we face regarding food & nutrition. Students made placards, posters & much more that spoke about food types, health & hygiene & famine.

A beautiful mime was done by students of Year 2 where they showcased different parts of the world that are influenced by this problem & how we make find a solution to this ongoing problem.

Students researched on different parts of the world that are effected by this calamity & set up a pot sale in the piazza that would help people in our own society.

A fabulous little presentation on Teachers Day was set up at the Gulberg campus.

Students from KG gave a little farewell to Ms Sakuntala who was leaving us after 3 years almost and happened to be their 1st teacher ever.

Students made cards, hand pick flower bouquets and a farewell speech for Ms Sakuntala.

Some students role played for their favorite teachers while others sang for them.

It was a beautiful little event that enlightened our minds; students dressed up as university professors said different quotes related to teachers day.

The Global Day of Dignity was celebrated at the Gulberg campus with a lot of zeal! The day recognizes the Universal Right of every individual to lead a dignified life.

The entire student body participated in this event, organizing different events in their classes to speak about human dignity, respect and the power of love. Students from the Nursery sections paid a tribute to the support staff in school and at home, and Years Reception through to Year 4 posted their thoughts on dignity on a globe outside the Coordinator’s Office.

Each class made reflective banners on dignity that were displayed in the Piazza. Year 4 performed a special skit on dignity and its principals. Staff appreciation cards were made by all students in the school, talking about humans living a dignified life and the basic principal of respect for all human beings.

Students also spoke about different professions and the need for respecting them and celebrating their worth. The purpose of celebrating this day was to highlight the fact that all people, rich or poor, in no matter what occupation, are bound to equal amounts of respect and the right to live with their heads held high.

It’s time to say Good Bye

TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg campus said goodbye to one of its longest serving staff Miss Sakuntala Galanga on Friday. Popularly known as “Aunty Saku” Ms. Sakuntala had been working at TNS Beaconhouse for over 3 years now; a graduate of Beaconhouse National University, Ms Sakuntala chose to become an EY teacher & was the best at it.

A farewell ceremony was held at TNS Beaconhouse, Gulberg where Mr.Barnes presented her with her farewell gift; a rather unique gift but something that she wanted called the “Wasli Paper”.

Ms. Saku in her farewell speech spoke about her first day at TNS Beaconhouse, her one & only co teacher Ms. Amina Zia & how time passes by. A special tribute was paid to Ms Saku by KG students who were taught by her 3 yeas ago.

Ms. Sakuntala you shall be greatly missed by all your students & friends; wishing you all the best in Sri Lanka.


Various sports activities took place at TNS Beaconhouse, Gulberg. Year 4 played a cricket match against Year 3 on 29th Sep’2014. Sports such a Tug Of War, Cricket & Dodge the Ball were played at the school.

Team- A decided to bat first and made 28 runs at the end of the 1st inning on loss of 4 wickets; Abdul Ghani played well and scored 12 runs. Team- B bat in the 2nd inning and could not chase the target in limited overs and scored only 17 runs loss of 5 wickets, from Team-B Kamal bowled really good over in which he took one wicket and gave 2 runs only.

Grade 3 soccer tournament played on 26 – 09-14

1st match:                Dragon   vs Phoenix

0           –       1     (Abdullah scored)

2nd match:              Griffin     vs Pegasus

0            –       3   (Ahmed 1 goal, Hayat scored 2 goals)

Final Match:             Pegasus vs Phoenix

0            –       3   (Abdul Samad scored 2 goals, Abdullah scored 1 goal)

Friendly match between D.H.A and Gulberg

Tug of war:               D.H.A   vs Gulberg

Score   :                 0         –       2

Dodge the ball:           D.H.A vs Gulberg

Points     :               3         –      11

It was a nice team building & leadership match that happened; both schools played well & showed a sportsman’s spirit.

Students from KG Orange setup a special World Cleanup Day assembly where they emphasized on the importance of cleaning.

Students collaborated with Grade 1 and sang a special song about keeping peace & keeping the world clean.

Students placed different recycling bins around the school along with bottle banks that were setup in the piazza; these recyclable materials will later be used for various activities in school.

Roald Dahl’s 50th birthday was celebrated at TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg this Friday.

Students from KG, dressed up as different characters from the authors books, and spoke about their book characters.

Mr Twits, Charlie from “Charlie & the chocolate factory”, “ The giant Peach” from Roald Dahkl’s famous book, “James & the giant beach set up a spectacular show at assembly on Friday.

Students from the entire school made Roald Dahl “Dream Jars” that had their wishes in them, and a group of 10 students each made posters & pompoms to celebrate the authors’ birthday.

Students set up a mini reading corner where, teachers, parents as well as students sat and read a selection of books by Roald Dahl.

The week of the authors’ birthday ended with a beautiful cake cutting ceremony where students as well as Mr. Barnes, cut the cake in Roald Dahls’ memory. After all “Those who don’t believe in magic, will never see it happen.”

Spirit Week was celebrated across campus from 2nd-5th June’2014 at TNS Beaconhouse.

Students from Nursery up to Year 10 participated in full swing; different activities such as paint ball, potter’s wheel, tombola etc. took place. A number of different sporting activities such as water polo, basketball, cricket & many more took place in the school where students’ v/s teachers’ matches were held & students cheered in full swing.

To show school spirit different days such as, TNS Colours Day, Careers Day, PJ party & Cultural Diversity Day; students throughout the week did various activities such as snakes & ladders, scavengers hunt, TNS Spelling Bee, career counselling through an expert, public speaking & many more that would show the day that was being celebrated. The school was closed with the Cultural Diversity Day where students from all grades chose a country & showed its culture in all its glory.

It was an interactive week that not only uplifted their spirits before the summer break 2014 but also left an enchanting effect on all.

Before I leave school! Scavengers Hunt
Turks on cultural diversity day

The Little Art Beat Competition 2014 was held in Lahore; students from various schools of Lahore including TNS Beaconhouse & other sister concerns participated in the contest.

The contest had 4 categories out of which students from TNS participated in age categories of year 4-9 in which Musa Raza- TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg & Muhammad Ali Hamza- TNS DHA won the 1stprizes in their own categories.

Ali Hamza sketched a self-portrait through self-observation; using different mediums, Hamza managed to draw a beautiful portrait of him. Whereas Musa Raza used acrylic paints & sketched a portrait of his friend.

Annually held in the spring season, The Little Art Beat is an NGO that works for the prosperity of art in Pakistan. A hearty congratulations to the teachers & students at TNS Beaconhouse who have worked hard for this competition.

Congratulations TNS!

Musa sketching his friend’s
Hamza sketching his self portrait
Musa’s final product

The Little Art Beat Competition 2014 was held in Lahore; students from various schools of Lahore including TNS Beaconhouse & other sister concerns participated in the contest.

The contest had 4 categories out of which students from TNS participated in age categories of year 4-9 in which Musa Raza- TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg & Muhammad Ali Hamza- TNS DHA won the 1stprizes in their own categories.

Ali Hamza sketched a self-portrait through self-observation; using different mediums, Hamza managed to draw a beautiful portrait of him. Whereas Musa Raza used acrylic paints & sketched a portrait of his friend.

Annually held in the spring season, The Little Art Beat is an NGO that works for the prosperity of art in Pakistan. A hearty congratulations to the teachers & students at TNS Beaconhouse who have worked hard for this competition.

Congratulations TNS!

Musa sketching his friend’s
Hamza sketching his self portrait
Musa’s final product

“Mothers are like buttons, they hold things together”

Mother’s day was celebrated at the DHA campus; students from different year levels celebrated the entire week from 12th-16th of May’2014. Young learners from Nursery sketched handmade cards that were later kept in a letter box outside their respective sections for mothers to collect. All other classes made different crafty objects that expressed their love towards their mother.

Year 2 celebrated mothers’ day in a different manner altogether; students chose the word “Mother” & made a beautiful presentation that represented the word mother in different languages of the world. Students spoke how the word “Mother” has different synonyums such as, “Amma, Mom, Ami, Irish: Máthair, Hindi : Ma, Maji etc but these words always hold the same love for that important person.

Students on Thursday morning, presented flowers to their mothers as a token of love & the unconditional love provided to them.

Happy Mothers Week.

The Unconditional Nursery Family
Crafting bracelets for mummy A note to parents

Global Earth day was celebrated at the DHA campus where students as well as different staff members signed petitions in honor of mother Earth.

Nursery used cotton cloth to cut the shape of Earth & hand printed with green & blue shades; later in the day the entire school signed petitions & messages for Earth.

Questions like:

What will you do to save planet Earth?

Why planet Earth?

& many more were answered by the student as well as the faculty.

The students spoke about the 3R’s; & how important it is save planet Earth.

Hug a tree!

The students, parents and teachers of TNS Beaconhouse, went on a weekend camping trip organized by Adventure Travel Pakistan to Khanpur Lake near Taxila an ancient city of Pakistan. The group of 110 + travelers travelled together to the campsite situated next to Khanpur Lake. This was not only a great teambuilding opportunity for Year 5 who were given the project for surviving through different situations but also a rare chance to get to know parents, students, peers & friends; not only this it was a great chance to make new friends & getting to know the other person. Everyone enjoyed breakfasts and lunches by the serene water in the day and dinners by the bonfire at night. The participants jumped off 20 and 50 feet cliffs into the cool water of the Khanpur Lake.

Campers hiked to Mohra Morado, a Buddhist temple, and geared up to go night caving – a strenuous yet fun activity, full of learning opportunities. The children saw thousands of bats in their natural habitat and were fascinated – granted they all thought they were Batman when they emerged.

Not only this, students had a chance to learn different scouting activities such as tenting, knotting, learning to BBQ, boating, jet skiing to name a few.”

It was a great activity for TNS students & a great way to end their project, “Survival of the fittest.”

Health week 2014 was celebrated across campus at TNS.

Students from Nursery to Year 10 had interactive sessions with various medical professionals such as, dentists, nutritionists, orthopedics, pediatrician etc; these doctors gave them an insight on different medical issues such as healthy bones, oral hygiene and many more.

Students were checked by dentists for oral hygiene, healthy gums, milk & permanent teeth etc; Dr. Sonia nutritionist spoke to various MYP students about a healthy plate & how eating a whole meal can be useful for the body as well as the mind.

Gulberg students had an interactive session with an orthopedic surgeon who introduced different bone types in the human body & the function of each bone. Students had the chance to touch & feel a skeleton and learnt about human anatomy such as the skull, spinal cord, cartridge etc.

MYP students had an interactive session with the Dr. Sajjad who discussed various adolescent issues such as eating disorders, substance abuse, insomnia & many more.

Staff blood donations day was celebrated across the 2 campuses where various staff members donated blood to increase the National Blood Bank. Students from year 1 Gulberg, Year 9 & Year 3 DHA gave an assembly presentation on World Blood Donor Day & how donating blood is a sign of a healthy mind & body but also an awareness of human needs.

Here’s to a happy & healthy TNS

Oral Hygeine A beautiful skit was performed by students of Year 3

TNS Beaconhouse intends to commence its first IB Diploma programme academic session from September 2014. In order to educate the community TNS Beaconhouse conducted a seminar on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club on April 26, 2014.

The purpose of the seminar was to highlight the unique features of the IB DP. The Director General IB Asia Pacific, Mr. Ian Chambers addressed the audience and spoke on the importance of the IB philosophy and its successful implications worldwide and also took questions from the audience. Year 10 students, who are going to be our first DP cohort, shared their exciting IB journeys with the other prospective DP students.

Mr. Ian Chambers, the Regional Director for the Asia Pacific region was in Lahore on a two days visit from March 11-12.  It was a memorable first visit of a senior employee of the IB to Pakistan which was characterized by warm and informed educators with a  desire to drive teaching and learning forward.  Mr Chambers visited TNS Beaconhouse on March 12 and met the leaders, staff and students at TNS. He observed a few MYP lessons and was pleased to see a broad spectrum of the MYP students in action and involved in learning.  Mr. Chambers indicated the IB would be more proactive in how it works with schools in Pakistan so that together we can fulfill the IB mission.

A World Blood Donor Day was organised at TNS Beaconhouse where teachers and other staff members donated blood. Teachers from all grades donated blood to save the lives of patients. Students sang songs and made notes of different blood groups.

Students spoke about different blood groups and how donating blood can cleanse the body and prevent other diseases.

The first Beaconhouse Football Tournament for girls was played at the Bedian Sports Complex. Class VI, VII and VIII students from Beaconhouse schools across Pakistan competed against each other. 10 schools were invited to the inaugural event, with some 100 girls participating. TNS Beaconhouse, under the guidance of Sir Haseeb and Salman, played exceptionally well and brought the trophy home.

The full-size pitch was split into two smaller pitches with seven girls from each team on the ground at any one time. After some very close matches, four teams competed for the top four spots. TNS Beaconhouse defeated Liberty Campus to win the tournament with the Liberty Campus, Defence Campus and Valencia Campus in second, third and fourth positions respectively.

Alayna Kasuri, Anuskha Rashid and Dilnoor Sandhu represented the team from TNS Beaconhouse DHA Campus.

The Annual TNS Senior Sports Day 2013-14 for Years 4 to 10 was held on February 4. Students marched in gracefully, led by the Head Boy, Head Girl and other Student Council members. The event kicked off with dance aerobics and the students participated in Sack Race, Formula 1 Race, Throw the Ball, and Pass the Ball. Students also formed human pyramids and arches.

One of the most daring acts of the event was the Long/Broad Jump in which the young athletes combined speed, strength, and agility. Shamsher Iqbal scored a total of 9.7ft and Khadija scored 10.4ft. Javelin throw by Year 10 students was also spectacular. Zaryab of Year 9 managed a 90ft throw in the first attempt and a remarkable 120ft throw in the 2nd attempt. Vaneezae Malhi made it to 65ft in discus throw.

Phoenix House won the award for Best House. The award for Best Sports Boy was presented to Zaryab Safdar and the Best Sports Girl title was given to Pegasus Vice-Captain Mishael Hayat.

The Junior Sports Day took place on January 21. Nursery to Year 3 students participated in well-coordinated taekwondo and aerobics displays and races that showcased the best of their athletic ability.

The event was officially declared open with the Student Council taking oath on behalf of the Houses and doves and balloons being released into the air by Head of School Mr Clive Barnes, and Deputy Head of School Ms Ayesha Kasuri. Beaconhouse Assistant Director of Sports Mr Ian Darlington was Chief Guest at the event.

Numerous races including Hook Chain, Sow the Seeds, Balancing Beanbags, and relay had the parents cheering their children on. Daniyal Ghauri and Ryaan Mirza from Year 3 at TNS Gulberg were declared Sportsmen of the Year and Maheen Mansoor from Year 2 at TNS Gulberg bagged the Sportswoman of the Year award.

Lahore: Years 9 and 10 from TNS Beaconhouse participated in the Dawn Education Expo 2014 on January 22 and 23. Mrs Janes Barnes and other teachers accompanied the students. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet career and admission counsellors and talk about scholarships for further education. The countries represented spanned from North America, to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australasia and Pakistan.

The students were able to explore career options including medicine, law, engineering, culinary arts, and business administration among others. Representatives from world renowned universities such as McGill, UNSW and Windsor were present on the occasion and talked to the students.

The Annual Winter Carnival 2013 was celebrated with enthusiasm at TNS DHA Campus as students of all ages participated in the festivities. The Christmas and winter themed carnival included a lot of activities such as face painting, nail art, cookie decoration etc.

Bonfire and the arrival of Santa Claus were the highlights of the evening. Stall of food items such as Häagen-Dazs, Whoops, Lahori Bites and many others made the carnival even more fun. Students of Year 2 and Head of School Mr Clive Barnes sang Christmas carols including Jingle Bells, Rudolf the Reindeer and many more. Children participated in different activities including Pin Santa’s Nose, Hammer the Giant’s Bell, Cookie Monster, Jumping Castle and Piñata.

Athletics and cricket tournaments were organised between TNS Gulberg and TNS Defence on November 18, with students from Classes I, II and III participating enthusiastically.

Two teams from each campus participated in the athletics events. All the students did well, but TNS Gulberg came out ahead and won the athletics meet. The participants completed four events each: the Formula One Race (comprising a forward roll, an agility run, and hurdles), the Cross Hop, the Standing Long Jump, and the Javelin Throw.

The cricket match was played between the boys from Classes I, II and III, and TNS Defence notched a comfortable win by 7 wickets. TNS Gulberg had scored 38 runs in 6 overs, losing 7 wickets. Hayyan Dawood and Moosa Khan both took 3 wickets for TNS Defence, while Zeerak Hassan made 20 runs (including 3 sixes) for TNS Gulberg.

TNS Defence reached the target in 3.3 overs, losing just 2 wickets in the process. Daniyal Ghauri scored 26 runs (2 sixes, 4 fours) and Mustafa Khan contributed 10 runs.

It was a lively event and the children showcased true sportsmanship throughout!

Eid is a joyous event that usually centres on children, for whom it is all about dressing up, getting Eidi and satisfying that sweet tooth! Eid-ul-Adha brings to that equation the added excitement of cows, goats and sheep, which the children just love to see.

TNS Beaconhouse celebrated a jubilant Eid with the students at the centre of attention. It was a big day for the children as they got to show off their pretty Eid outfits, along with bangles and henna tattoos for the girls and face painting for the boys. The boys were dressed in shalwar kameez and Peshawari caps, traditional attire for the congregational Eid prayers.

A pot luck feast with quite a spread was the highlight of the celebrations and everyone enjoyed the homemade treats. The entire school was decorated by the children in traditional Eid style.

All in all, it was a cheerful event where the children enjoyed themselves and also spread joy to the less fortunate by collecting a substantial amount of money for charity, which was donated to SOS Village.

KG students at TNS Gulberg Campus celebrated International Peace Day with a splendid Peace March at the school. The march included a display of 25 flags of various countries and concluded with a peace song, ‘If I Could Write a Magic Song’ by Hilary Duff.

The performance was aimed at commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace among all peoples and nations. The KG students adroitly displayed their belief in non-violence and said no to bullying. They also identified and highlighted the value of diversity through the flag display, encouraging their peers to embrace global citizenship and believe in the ideal of a world united for peace.

With temperatures soaring above 40, the coolest place to be was the swimming pool and that’s exactly where the students were headed – armed with swimming costumes, goggles and floaters – as TNS Gulberg hosted its very own Swimming Gala on May 21. Each class participated in different races, according to their age group. The students displayed the skills they had acquired or honed during the school year – whether it was the art of floating using kickboards and floaters, freestyle or obstacle races with balls and balloons, or diving for coins.


The first-ever Inter-house Water Polo Match between students from Years 2 and 3 wrapped up the event. Apart from their swimming prowess, the students displayed great teamwork and had everyone cheering for their respective houses. Team Dragon won first place and Team Griffin secured second position.


What a wonderful, action-packed day it was, and a perfect way to beat the heat!

TNS Beaconhouse has become a member of the International Schools Association (ISA) – a prestigious organisation working for improved international understanding among schools and promoting world peace, cultural diversity and tolerance. TNS Beaconhouse is currently the only school from Pakistan to have received this distinction.

Being an ISA member school, TNS will have more opportunities to cooperate with international or internationally-minded schools and have access to ISA’s resources such as the curriculum framework for Peace Education and Sustainable Development, and Oral English Examinations. There will also be opportunities to participate in events such as the Annual Youth Encounter, which promotes leadership within global and cultural themes, and the biennial World Conference.

The International Schools Association was the first educational NGO to have, and continues to have, a consultative status at UNESCO. Its original remit was to develop ways to foster international understanding and world peace, but its focus was widened in recognition of the pressing need to standardise curricula in schools around the world.

Following the success of a history syllabus drafted by a group of ISA members, the ISA was prompted to create the International Schools Examination Syndicate (ISES) in 1965. This group was given the task of developing an international university entrance examination and course syllabi that would accompany it.

ISA and ISES’s original syllabi together with their later curricula, which developed into the IB Middle Years and the IGCSE programmes, have led to examinations accepted as entrance qualifications by the majority of the world’s most prestigious universities.

TNS Beaconhouse has been accredited as Lahore’s first International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and only the second in Pakistan. Making the announcement at a press conference at a local hotel, Beaconhouse Chief Executive Kasim Kasuri said “this major milestone has been reached after a rigorous 3-year accreditation process and is in line with the TNS commitment to provide an innovative and robust educational pathway for its students”. Mr Kasuri also mentioned that the IB is granted the requisite equivalence to local qualifications through the IBCC (Inter-Committee Board of Chairmen) in Pakistan.

Mr Clive Barnes, TNS Head of School, displayed the school’s accreditation certificate issued by IB world headquarters in Geneva and elaborated on the factors that distinguish the IB from other systems of learning. Mr Barnes brings to TNS 10 years of experience of having run IB schools around the world.

TNS has been authorised to offer the IB Middle Years Programme for students in Classes 6 to 10. In due course, it also expects to offer the IB Diploma (equivalent to A Levels). Responding to a question, Kasim Kasuri said that it was important for Pakistani students to have access to multiple styles of teaching and learning so that they could select a system best suited to their individual learning needs. He expressed the hope that government schools and other private sector schools would also consider the International Baccalaureate in the future.

The International Baccalaureate incorporates three programmes for students aged 3 to 19 and helps them develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalising world. IB programmes culminate in the highly regarded IB Diploma which is increasingly the preferred entrance qualification for universities around the world. IB World Schools can offer any or all three of the programmes. More than 140 countries offer IB education to almost a million students across the world.

The TNS educational experience revolves around the ‘project-based learning’ approach which, the school believes, develops in students critical thinking and problem-solving skills. TNS students are therefore natural candidates for the IB which is based on the philosophy of enquiry-based learning. IB students worldwide are encouraged to embrace and understand the connections between school subjects and the real world and to become international-minded citizens.

TNS’s IB accreditation coincides with the opening of its new campus in DHA Phase V, Lahore. With large classrooms of an international standard, laboratory and media suites, music and art studios, a 3-storey library block, underground parking, multi-purpose hall and swimming and sporting facilities, it is purpose-designed to provide a fully-resourced and stimulating learning environment.

The Beaconhouse Sports Complex, a new 25-acre comprehensive sports facility in Bedian Road, was inaugurated on March 3 with a Grand Sports Festival featuring a wide range of events. Excited students participated in rugby matches (there was even the traditional Haka dance!), took on each other in football matches in the wide open grounds, and gave the rock climbing wall a go. Some rode horses in the Complex’s riding area while others checked out the track facilities and played cricket.

Families moved about the new Complex and praised the facilities on offer. There was plenty to keep the younger ones occupied as well: they took part in cheerleading and taekwondo displays as well as enjoying football tricks and musical performances. They participated in races and vaulted over hurdles like pros!

The newly-inaugurated venue offers facilities for an array of sports including football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, tennis, horse riding and swimming, and is meant to incorporate sports into the BSS curriculum in order to ensure a well-rounded education for students.

The students of TNS Gulberg held a Bake Sale to celebrate the UNICEF Day for Change. The earnings from the sale were donated to the SOS Village in Lahore. The main idea was to create awareness among the young minds about the empowerment of the poor and needy, and the theme selected for the day was ‘Food for Life.’ Parents generously donated and participated in making the bake sale a success.

Grade I students were excited to meet the SOS representative Mrs Nuria Rafique. All in all, it was a great learning experience.

Lahore: After almost 3 years of being a candidate school, TNS Beaconhouse has now been authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme, becoming the first ‘IB World School’ in Lahore and only the second in Pakistan. In due course, TNS also expects to offer the IB Diploma (equivalent to A Levels). This is a significant achievement in line with the TNS commitment to provide an innovative and rigorous educational pathway for its students. The IB is increasingly the preferred entrance qualification of the world’s leading universities.

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a natural progression of the project-based learning approach that TNS has become known for. The MYP provides a framework of academic challenge for students aged 11 to 16 that encourages them to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, and guides them towards becoming international-minded critical and reflective thinkers.

Clive Barnes, Head of TNS Beaconhouse, said on the occasion: “TNS is delighted to be part of an exclusive group of IB schools worldwide. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our Middle School team who have worked tirelessly in reaching this major milestone – as well as our students and parents for having believed in us all along.”

For more information on the International Baccalaureate, please visit

TNS Beaconhouse organised a special ‘Open House’ on Sunday, April 8 at its new campus in Defence Phase V, where the unique environment supports the school’s philosophy of project-based learning.  The event introduced the school’s innovative and distinctive academic programme to parents.

TNS is the first school in Lahore to be accredited in offering the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and expects, in due course, to extend this to the IB Diploma (equivalent to CIE A’ Levels), which is increasingly the preferred entrance qualification for universities around the world.

The broad spectrum of the curricula at TNS blends project-based learning with the Reggio Emilia Approach and incorporates aspects of the English National Curriculum for Nursery to Class 5. While the IB MYP framework will be followed for classes 6 to 10, the final assessment will be the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exam, the international equivalent of Cambridge O Levels, following which students can choose to opt for either the IB Diploma or the Cambridge A Levels.

More than 120 families attended the Open House to be acquainted with the TNS philosophy and unique academic programme.

The ‘Open House’ programme included presentations on the international baccalaureate, project-based learning, the Reggio Emilia Approach and more, followed by question and answer sessions. The programme gave parents the choice of concurrent workshops being held on the topics of Social and Emotional Learning; Building Critical Reading and Thinking Skills, and Learning Through Play.

Students of TNS Beaconhouse participated in the Dawn Spelling Bee competition held in Ali Auditorium at Ali Institute on the 3rd of Oct. The names of the students that represented TNS Beaconhouse are;

Raaed Naveed – Year 4
Mishael Aisha Hayat Ayub – year 5
Alayna Kasuri – year 7
Sean Kim – year 7

The students participated with enthusiasm and came fourth in the first round. They were accompanied by their parents, Mr. Clive Barnes; the head of school, Ms. Ayesha Kasuri; the deputy head and Ms. Nida Malik; the event coordinator.  They were given recognition in the school assembly and the student body applauded them for participating and doing the best that they could.

Well done, we’re proud of you!

TNS Beaconhouse celebrated the 135th birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal with full enthusiasm.  We organized an Urdu Declamation Contest for students of Class 4 – 9 on the 8th Nov 2012 and invited the parents. The topic was ‘Have computers taken over the place of Books?’

The contestants were divided into two groups; ‘For’ and ‘Against’. The participants delivered their speeches with enthusiasm and passion and wowed the audience with their fluency and prose of Urdu language

The esteemed panel of judges were Ms. Ayesha Kasuri; Deputy Head, Mr. Ali Hannan; Debating Coach and Ms. Tooba Iqbal; IGCSE coordinator. Following the judges’ decision, an award ceremony was held to acknowledge the winners. The Head of School; Mr. Clive Barnes presented certificates and shields to the brilliant students and appreciated their efforts. The students of year 1 – 3 also paid tribute to the National Poet by performing  tableaus, speeches and Kalam-e-Iqbal on different topics highlighting the personality, poetry, thoughts and ideologies of Allama Iqbal.