Towards 2035: The School Of Tomorrow

TNS Beaconhouse was established as a direct consequence of the first-ever international conference on education in Pakistan, ‘Towards 2035: The School of Tomorrow’, hosted by the Beaconhouse Group in 2005. The conference addressed the changing role of education and the nature of schools over the next 30 years and beyond. A clear consensus pointed towards a rapidly globalising economy for which a new type of worker is required – one that can learn and adapt, keep pace with and anticipate progress in every field. The vision of a dynamic learning environment at TNS was heavily influenced by the learning philosophies expounded by many of the speakers at the conference.

Several years on, with TNS firmly established, Beaconhouse held the ‘Freedom to Learn’ conference in 2010, the sequel to The School of Tomorrow. Structured as a platform to introduce new approaches and challenge conventional thinking, participants explored ways of enhancing learning and improving the overall educational experience of children and reassessed conventional beliefs of what constitutes progressive teaching and learning.