American High School Diploma

The American high school diploma is the basic U.S. qualification awarded to students who graduate from secondary school after 12 years of formal instruction. High school diplomas are issued by the school to school graduates. The American high school secondary education is divided into two phases:

Middle School: covering 6th -8th grade

High school: covering 9th -12th grade: Students in these grades are commonly referred to as freshmen (grade 9), sophomores (grade 10), juniors (grade 11) and seniors (grade 12)

The School will set a minimum requirement for how many years of various mandatory subjects are required in order to be awarded the American High School Diploma;
These requirements would include:

• Completing 3-4 years of each of the common core subject groups over Grade 9-Grade12

Accreditation Authority
MSA CESS: Middle States Association of colleges and schools: Commissions on elementary and secondary school is the accrediting authority.

The Middle States Association is a worldwide leader in accreditation and school improvement. TNS Beaconhouse is a Candidate School for Accreditation by MSA CESS.

For more information please contact our AHS Diploma Coordinator:

Abeera Shahid Khawaja

[email protected]

AHS Diploma