TNS Graduation Ceremony 2019|TNS DHA

TNS Graduation Ceremony for the class of 2019

On Monday 27th May 2019, we celebrated the graduation of our 14 DP2 students who had completed their examinations on Friday 24th May.

It was a very special occasion for all concerned, most especially the students and the many family members and friends who came to watch them celebrate a very successful career at TNS, some of whom had been at the school for more than 10 years.

The event began with the Recitation by Faizan DP1 followed by the introduction of the DP2 teachers who walked up the centre aisle to their seats in the front row.  This procession was followed by the arrival of the Graduates who took their places on the stage.  Ms. Jane then introduced each one of them giving a history of their arrival at TNS and some of their attributes. Mr. Barnes welcomed all the guests, most particularly Dr. Murad, the Punjab Minister of Education, who very kindly honoured us with his presence. This was followed by speeches from our Head Boy, Murad and Head Girl, Daniya.  The scrolls were then presented to each of the students by the Minister.

Zainab Khan gave a rather charming speech about the outgoing DP2s, a class with whom she had been a part of for 5 years.  The event rounded off with a rather amusing video put together by Faizan showing happy moments during the Graduates time at TNS.

The whole event was orchestrated by the events team and some of the teachers.  We thank in particular, Saad and Zahra Khan for their tremendous in put in ensuring the event went as planned and that the hall was attractively decorated by a multitude of beautiful white flowers.