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Eid Ul Adha
5th October
Teacher's Day
5th October
Global Hand Washing Day
14th October
Global Dignity Day
15th October
World Food Day
17th October
Parent Education Seminar Gulberg
23rd October
TNS Beaconhouse Annual Play 'Matilda'
24th - 26th October
World Tolerance Day
24th October
Reading Awareness week
26th October
30th October

To be able to live each day with honour, respect and dignity is the greatest achievement of all. – Dr. Roopleen Sandhu. In the words of a fourth grader, talking about the Global Day of Dignity at TNS Gulberg’s weekly assembly, we make a big deal about dignity, because it IS a big deal! Celebrating the GDD has become an important mainstay of our event calendar and both teachers and students spend much time discussing it and finding ways to put it into practice. This year, the campus saw the Dignity Wall go up, featuring images and popular quotes on dignity from around the world. A message board gave students and teachers the opportunity to express their views on dignity and it was a pleasure to see the varied and thoughtful responses! Year 4 Blue worked on a script featuring the ‘Guardians of Global Dignity’, providing the school family with plenty of ideas on how to put their words and actions to good use; to create a better, more dignified world. They spoke about how putting others’ needs before your own is essential to making sure everyone is treated with respect and valued. Students also formed a human dignity sign in the playground and then spent time serving the Support Staff as that group took part of a special lunch in the Cafeteria. A movie showing was also arranged for the Support staff at the DHA campus, providing them with an opportunity to meet with their counterparts at DHA and have a relaxing evening off together.

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