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1st - 5th December
International Day for persons with disabilities
3rd December
World Water Day
4th December
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17th December
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19th December
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19th December
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19th December
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25th December
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25th December

Dignity is not negotiable. Dignity is the honor of the family. – Vartan Gregorian


As part of the BSS family, the Global Day of Dignity is an important part of our school calendar. Students as young as 3 talk about respect and treating people with dignity and love, regardless of who they are and where they’re from.

Year 4 in particular, spends much time celebrating and promoting Global Dignity. From coming up with a collective definition, to incorporating the 5 basic principles of Global Dignity in weekly lesson plans and encouraging the rest of the school to think about what dignity meant to them, they were able to reflect on their own actions and encourage their fellow students to be people who stand for dignity. They worked on presenting small skits, based on screenplays they had written in class, highlighting that they believed ‘that dignity should be the foundation for all human interaction… that human soul's search for their better selves and that the principle of dignity can be a tool for finding just that. Respect for all.’

Year 3 Orange, presenting at the assembly celebrating the Global Day of Dignity, shared an acrostic poem they had written on dignity and pledged to ‘Stand for Dignity.’ Our question is, where do you stand?


D is for deserves—everyone deserves, and has a right to dignity

I am for important—every person, whether big or small, poor or rich, girl or boy, no matter their skin colour or religion, is important in their own way

G is for God—who made us special and loves every one of us

N is for nobody—nobody has the right to crumple our hearts and bodies          

I is for image—we were all created in God’s image—He chose to make us special

T is for tolerance—we bear with everyone, but in love

Y is for you—you should treat people like you want to be treated. And that is the Golden Rule

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