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1st - 5th December
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3rd December
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4th December
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17th December
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19th December
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25th December
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25th December

Rich or poor we are all equal. We all belong to the same race, the Human Race. And every human is born with the right to lead a dignified life. We all deserve respect regardless of our color, social status, cast or religion. If we are all given equal opportunity (with basic access to education, healthcare, security and income); everyone has the potential to contribute positively to this world.

Global Dignity Day is celebrated at TNS every year to teach the concept of universal rights to our students therefore providing them with the essence of connectivity and worth. This year also The Global Dignity Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at TNS Beaconhouse following a series of three day events.

  • We started off with assembly presentations on GDD by 6 Blue and 4 Orange. Students of 4 orange gave the message of dignity and how people can lead a dignified life through a video.
  • Year 6 Blue highlighted the importance of GDD through various short performances. They acted out a situation in which the people involved had no dignity for others, and then another situation in which people involved were open-minded and had dignity both for themselves and others.
  • A song on Dignity by Global Dignity Organization’s was played at the end of the assembly.
  • Students of Year 3 Orange were encouraged to write their personal reflections on the importance of the word DIGNITY. These reflections were displayed on the dignity wall in the piazza.
  • Year 5 White students reflected on what dignity means to them through a class discussion and how it should become an essential part of our society. Later children displayed their thoughts on a piece of paper with joining hand prints that represented the collective effort to make a change. These were later displayed in corridors to spread the social message of equal dignity for all of mankind.
  • Year 1 Blue students celebrated the Global Dignity Day by organizing a lavish Tea Party for the entire support staff. They made GDD posters and appreciated the support staff by giving them certificates. Kudos for their effort!
  • 5 Blue Students honored all custodian staff by serving them lunch in the cafeteria. Where the custodians were greeted respectfully and had a dignity talk to raise their morale.

Dignity wall was setup in the piazza where students from the entire school wrote messages to express their feelings about dignity. It showed the respect and care for all in our students.

Students from the entire school assembled in the school ground displaying the formation of the letters GDD to show their support for the Global Dignity Day. A photograph was taken from the roof top.

Last but not the least, year 6 white was taken to SOS Village and talked with the SOS Children about dignity and the importance of being dignified. They all sat together at one place and shared their hopes for the future. At the end the Students gifted 30 Dustbins to the SOS Village which were bought by collecting Rs.200 from each MYP/DP student.

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