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Eid Ul Adha
5th October
Teacher's Day
5th October
Global Hand Washing Day
14th October
Global Dignity Day
15th October
World Food Day
17th October
Parent Education Seminar Gulberg
23rd October
TNS Beaconhouse Annual Play 'Matilda'
24th - 26th October
World Tolerance Day
24th October
Reading Awareness week
26th October
30th October

On the last day of school before the EID holidays, TNS was in the spirit to celebrate the festive day, in the Muslim society all over the world known as Eid-ul-Azha. The preparations for the day began a day before lights were being put across the piazza. It was 9th Sep. TNS was lit with white and golden lights along with our moon and crescent representing Islam. Our little nursery students to fourth graders wore Pakistan’s traditional attire the shalwar kameez. The event began at 9:00 AM with a speech about the Rituals of Hajj and the significant of sacrificing a sheep along with a demonstration by our children on what does the hajj attire looks like and for how long is it worn by the pilgrims of hajj. EID is incomplete without Mehndi, Bangles and Traditional food. Each corner of our school had a stall. We had a bangles stall, EID card-making stall, Mehndi stall, jumping castle, bowling game along with a secret EIDI in-class activity. For a more festive feeling, classical music was played in the background adding so much more to the ambiance of the event. To take it up a notch a “Bhangra Wala” was arranged who brought the essence of Punjab into TNS and it definitely brought the entire TNS together and made it a memorable event.

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