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Being an IB World school, we at TNS strive to develop an understanding and appreciation of foreign languages for the benefit of our students. Our philosophy consists of promoting respect for various cultures and this becomes evident in our French language classes. Not only do the students discover another language, but they also learn to appreciate and discover another culture. These first steps into language learning are the foundations to creating an international minded person who is willing to share, communicate and believe in their multilingual potential.

Why French?

French is an official language in 33 countries on 5 continents. French is one of the official languages of a dozen international organizations and is the second most commonly studied foreign language in the world.


French at TNS

French is compulsory in all classes from Early Years to the Diploma Programme.

Early Years

Nursery (x2 a week)

Reception (x2 a week)

KG (x3 a week)

Grade 1 (x3 a week)

These classes consist mostly of introductions to the French language. Multimedia resources allow students to develop an interest in phonics, the alphabet and basic vocabulary. Students are able to sing various nursery rhymes and can introduce themselves.

Primary Years

Grade 2 to Grade 5

Classes take place thrice a week. Students follow a curriculum largely based on the ZigZag book series.

Teachers ensure that all 4 language skills are equally developed. Lessons are divided in such a way that students get to equally practice speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.


Middle Years Programme (MYP)

From Grade 6 to Grade 10, French classes are conducted according to ability levels (Phases 1-6) in order to fulfill the differentiated learning requirements.

These differentiation-based lessons are offered four times a week within the school timetable.

A phase is basically a level on the language acquisition continuum outlined by the IB. There are a total of 6 phases that can be achieved.

French teachers decide the most suitable phase in which to place individual students by looking at their previous language-learning record and a language assessment during the admission process.

Please note that the phases do not correspond to particular age groups or MYP year levels.

Students do not necessarily begin in phase one – they can begin at any phase, depending on their prior language-learning experiences, and in Grade 10 may exit from either phase 2, 4 or 6.

Grade 10 MYP French assessment

Students seeking the IB MYP Certificate must demonstrate their achievement of French by submitting an ePortfolio.

The ePortfolio comprises of 4 summative assessment tasks:

  • an aural comprehension task comprising spoken and visual text
  • a written comprehension task comprising written and visual text
  • an interactive oral task
  • a writing task

These are attempted by the students during the second term of their final year. The tasks are then compiled in March and marked by the French teacher. By April they are submitted to the IB for moderation.

Please note that In Year 5 the MYP language acquisition courses are formally assessed at any one of three proficiency levels depending on the student’s abilities. Those levels are:

emergent (Phase 2)

capable (Phase 4)

or proficient (Phase 6)



French HL, SL and ab initio are offered as Group Two subjects.


Students graduating from the MYP will be placed according to their exit phase:

MYP certificate

Placement in DP

Phase 2

Ab initio

Phase 4

Language B Standard Level (SL)

Phase 6

Language B Higher Level (HL)


Students having no prior exposure to the language or having passed no French language examination will be placed in ab initio.


A French club is also offered after school hours for students who are interested in enhancing their language skills.


French department at TNS

Currently we are a team of 8 teachers.


Ms. Mariam Mahmood

Ms. Zil-e-Aisha



Ms. Zartashia Butt

Ms. Odile Peeters

Ms. Marya Jawwad

Ms. Ammara Iqbal

Ms. Nadia Najeeb


All teachers above have undergone IB trainings (regional and/or online) as well as various other foreign language/teacher trainings overseas and/or endorsed by the Alliance Française de Lahore.


French language resources available at TNS

The school library is fully stocked with multiple dictionaries and French books. These books have been divided into levels. The level suitable for phases 1 and 2 is A1. Phases 3 and 4 students can borrow A2 level books.






French events/festivals


Students have the opportunity to participate in various interschool competitions as well as be part of the annual TNS Francophonie week celebration which takes place every February.

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